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New York Times November 5, 2009 (PDF)

New York Spaces Vol 4, No.2 Spring 2007 (PDF)
Styled to the Nines
By: Catherine Warren Leone

New York Times Feb. 2 2006 (PDF)
Home Section, "Currents"
Putting Your Very Best Foyer Forward
By: Elaine Louie

New York Times Dec. 22 2005 (PDF)
Decorating With an Ear for Eames and R&B
By: Penelope Green

Dom and Wnetrze (Home and Interiors, Poland) May 1991 (PDF)
Expectedly Unexpected
By: Maria Tyniec

Architecture May 1995 (PDF)
Kazu Apparel Group, NY

New York Times June 15, 1995 (PDF)
Home Section, "Currents"
A Room Aglow
By: Elaine Louie

Hospitality Design Nov. 1992 (PDF)
New Deal Restaurant, NY

RISD Views April 1991
"Alumni Focus"
Designing an Oasis From Glitz

Restaurant/Hotel Design International Jan. 1991 (PDF)
Return to Grace
By: William Weathersby, Jr.

New York Times Jan. 18, 1991 (PDF)
Ever a Hotel Whose Heart is in its Lobby
By: Stephen Drucker

New York Times May 4, 1989 (PDF)
Reclaiming Past Glory of a Legend
By: Suzanne Slesin

Metropolis Nov. 1986 (PDF)
"Best Dressed"
Zig Zag Bar and Grill
By: Regina S. Baraban

Village Voice June 2, 1987 (PDF)
"Eating Around"
With a Twist
By: Jeff Weinstein

Contract April 1987 (PDF)
Timeless not Trendy
By: S.M.

Architecture Oct. 1986 (PDF)
Michael G. Abrams Co., NY

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